Gord Davis Mortgage Agent

Gord Davis | Mortgage Agent

Certified Ont Agent License: M08006357

Gord is a well known and respected Mortgage Agent in Eastern Ontario, specifically the Ottawa Valley and Thousand Islands regions.

Website: https://gorddavis.com/
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With 18 years experience, in the mortgage industry and 31 years experience in a corporate setting prior to that, Gord has a solid work ethic and superior relationship skills. His transition into the financial world was aided by his years in leadership in the corporate world, especially in dealing with positive financial outcomes in a business setting.

Having learned a very strong work ethic, growing up on a farm, Gord has carried that into his professional and personal life. He is often available on holidays, evenings and weekends in order to serve his clients to the best of his ability. People are first and foremost when it comes to all areas of his life.

Gord has developed partnerships with skilled individuals in the real estate sector, financial planning, private lending and so on. He will always be ready to seek and adhere to advice from others in order to bring the best quality mortgage products to his client, while building on his vast experience within the industry.

This kind of humility has served him well and has allowed clients to trust him, knowing that he will work for the best possible outcome for them.

Top Reasons, clients choose Gord

  1. An innate ability to come up with solutions for all clients, even those whose situation seems impossible.
  2. A compassion in the midst of business, to go the extra mile to help others.
  3. A vast knowledge of the mortgage industry along with an ability to adapt, gleaned over almost 2 decades of working in a highly regulated and ever changing business.
  4. If Gord cannot find a solution for you, he will leave no stone unturned to find someone who can. He is tenacious.
  5. Gord is highly respected by his peers in the mortgage industry and is an important member of the team at his brokerage.
  6. Gord has helped many people to achieve the dream of home ownership who might not have been able to do so otherwise.

Gord is a level 1 agent, specializing in Grade A mortgages, commercial mortgages, Grade A Loans, refinancing and Alternative Financing Solutions