Discover Wealth Management

Anyone who needs accounting and tax services along with retirement planning, estate planning, and related legal guidance all wrapped into one single high-level professional service is looking for wealth management. A wealth manager will coordinate the input given by financial experts together with the client he or she works with and these experts include accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents. Select managers can even provide banking services and advise on philanthropy.

wealth management

Getting wealth management services will include more than just advise and in fact, it will cover every area of a person’s financial considerations. The alternative is to get different advice and financial products from several different professionals but most will find that working through a single manager that coordinates all of those services will be a much more holistic approach and the average person will find this to be more suitable for managing their money and for planning their families current and future needs.

The basic concept of a wealth manager is based around the idea that they can provide financial services in almost every area of a person’s life but some choose to specialize. It may be because the wealth manager has particular skills in one area but less so in another and by focusing on their best skill they’re able to provide the maximum results for their clients.

As an example, a manager might work for a firm that focuses on investments and they may be most familiar with market strategies. Another manager might work with a bank and specialize in working with trust and with credit options and still another might specialize in estate planning and options for insurance.

Business Structures

Some wealth managers work within a small business while others work as part of a larger firm that is usually in the finance industry. Depending on the particular business, they may give themselves other titles other than wealth managers such as financial advisor or consultant. When a client begins working with their wealth manager it may be a single person or it may be an entire team.


The manager will begin by coming up with a plan that is designed to maintain and ultimately increase a client’s overall wealth. This plan will be based around the client’s goals and their personal comfort level with taking risks. Once the manager has come up with a plan, he or she will then meet with the client to review where things are and update them on their goals as well as introduce the possibility of other services the client may want to take advantage of.

This is all done in an effort to help you, the client, reach your ultimate financial goals for your life.