8 Inspiring Tips For Writing Fresh Content and Ezine Articles

You have felt this way before. You sit down ready to write a new blog post or another ezine article and you come up with absolutely nothing. You have tons of experience in your field, and you always have informative things to tell your clients. But, once you sit down to write new content, you are suddenly at a loss for what to say.

ezine writer on laptop mental block

Don’t fret. The following eight tips will spark your creative muse and help you create fresh content all the time.

1. Answer a frequently-asked question. Choose a question that your clients have been asking recently. Answer it in a brief article. You might want to keep a list of FAQs handy, so you can refer to it if you get stuck for a new question to answer. The good thing about answering questions that clients ask is you are offering them a chance to learn much-needed information and see how knowledgeable you are about your industry.

2. Write about newsworthy issues in your industry. Go over blogs, industry journals, and other publications to see what is buzzing. Write something that reflects the opinion that you have on the matter. Feel free to disagree. This sets you apart and gives your readers a chance to see what you really think about topical issues.

3. Discuss a recent study. With all the research going on in your industry, there are sure to be some recent studies or statistics to discuss. This is a great way to educate your clients and readers. You will also get the fresh content that had been eluding you momentarily. You can link back to these studies and get more visitors when you post your work, too.

4. Write a Numbered How-to Article. This article is a perfect example of this. Choose a topic and write about several points regarding it. Include captivating headlines like “The Top 4 Things to Avoid”, “The 3 Secrets For” or “10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About…”These types of articles are often used in magazines. They are easy and quick to read, but they share important information to readers.

5. Interview an expert in your field. Select several questions to ask someone who has respect in your industry for what they know and do. This is a good way to highlight a person who has similar knowledge or opinions to yours. Discussing a topic from an expert’s perspective is highly informative for your reader. Your blog might be about online marketing, for instance, but interview a professional online PR guru for their advice to widen the blog’s reach.

6. Share Something You Learned. Whatever you have learned from a recent webinar, seminar or conference is great material for a blog post. Write about what you learned and share it with your readers. They want to learn as much as you do, and they will have more respect for your blog when it contains educational content which they do not have to pay to get. Another option is to write a review of a seminar or a recent publication.

7. Use A Success Story. Your clients have experienced success when working for you. Write about a case study. It may help readers overcome a challenge that they are facing. Using case studies also works to springboard your blog into offering more advice. You come off to your readers as even more of an expert in your field when you show how you have actually helped a client, too.

8. Tell a Story. Interesting and funny things happen every day to you in your line of work. Share something that recently happened and provide your opinions about them. When you tie this story in with current events in your industry or other matters, you make it entertaining and informative. You give real-world examples of how things are going for businesses like yours. If you experienced something when traveling for business, share it as an ezine story.

Taking Action

Have an ongoing list of article ideas at your side. Keep it by your desk at work and jot ideas down, no matter how silly they may seem when they come to mind. The next time you cannot come up with anything creative look at your list. You should have a great idea jump out at you and give you the inspiration you need to create a compelling blog post.


You can also use press releases and article submissions for backlinks. Write articles that have trending topics and relevant information in them. Submit them to article directories. When doing this, it is a good idea to keep the articles between 1000 and 1200 words. Press releases should be no more than about 800 words.

Use hyperlinks with care. The general rule is that for every 1000 words in an article you include a maximum of about 12 or 15 hyperlinked words. This is good SEO practice but keeping it at this minimum also keeps your reader from getting too distracted from reading the content you have written.

Places to Submit Articles For Free


This is an old standby that still gets top ratings and page ranking from Google. It is at number six. It is free to use, and it lets you add a few links into each article that you submit. Add a link to your business or your blog. You are the author and the expert. Ezine lets you promote this to the world!


As they say, you can discover the expert inside you at eHow. For this platform, you will want to write ‘how-to’ or ‘step-by-step’ articles. Anything else would not be appropriate for this free article submission site. This is a good place to submit your articles to and has more than 1 million articles already posted. Note: You will not be able to include any hyper-links inside your article. Their primary hook is providing information to readers while sidelining ads (Ad-sense…) on the sidebars and inserted in the content.


ArticlesBase offers content by talented writers on various topics.

This site is much like Ezine in that you can publish articles there for free. You are also free to publish an article at this directory and at Ezine simultaneously.


At this site you create hubs. These are themes that you upload content about whenever you like. You can make a hub for your niche and upload content for free.

For backlink activities, there is no one ezine platform or channel to recommend as being the single best.

I suggest using them all in a way that supports promoting your business and blog.