9 Ways For Effectively Retaining Customers

It’s great when you get a client for the first time, …

and they are happy about the service or product they got from you.

But it doesn’t mean that you’ll be seeing that customer or client again.

Even though you will see companies spending a lot of money on getting new customers through the door, there is something to be said about focusing retaining existing customers. In other words, you want the same people to come back, while you get new ones through marketing.

At the end of the day, a successful business will heavily depend on clients coming back, and client referrals. And not only can you save money by focusing on existing customers, but they can also be the word-of-mouth channel that helps to grow your business.

What’s the point? Never underestimate the power of a happy client that keeps coming back. And if you don’t invest in retaining customers, you’ll have to spend so much more to stay in business.


So, in light of growing your business through your clients, here are 9 ways you should be approaching effective client retention.

1. Build A Relationship

Building a relationship with a customer doesn’t mean bombarding them with special offers. Neither does it require you to listen to their life story. But getting to know your target market and putting a personality behind the brand helps to establish consumer trust. And when consumers trust you, they will feel inclined to come back. So, use the contact details you get wisely and don’t spam their social media with ads. Instead, send information they might find useful, or maybe an incentive to come back.

2. Don’t Let Them Forget

People get busy, and there are always other options available, so you should never assume clients or customers are going to remember you after one transaction. So, keep note of clients where possible and track their interaction. And if you notice they aren’t coming back, send out a reminder that you would love to do business again, and maybe you have some great new offers. Keep in mind you are competing against others, meaning you can’t let your guard down at any moment.

3. Always Keep Evolving

The more convenience and excitement you can provide clients and customers, the better the chances they will return to do more business. In other words, you want to provide them with a good reason for coming back. But the only way you can do this is by progressing whatever it is you are offering. This results in honing better offers and options as time goes by.

4. Customers Love Surprises

Going the extra mile with clients can motivate them to spread the word about your specific business. So, surprise them with special rewards when they have a birthday because it is the last thing they expect from a business.

5. Become Part Of The Community

Taking part in community projects and making donations should obviously be done on the basis of “giving back”. But it can also establish your position in the community as a company that actually cares. Now, this won’t just help customers remember you, but they will most likely go out of their way to keep on supporting you.

6. Use The Right People For Client Interaction

It is critical for the staff that interacts with clients or customers to be naturally friendly, social, and helpful. When you know you’ve got someone on the front-line who doesn’t have a pleasant personality, consider shifting them to a different position for the sake of retaining business.

7. Make Contact Quick And Easy

When consumers get a quick and personal response from a business, they automatically take note. Given that it’s usually such a mission to reach the right people, don’t make the same mistake in this regard.

8. More Interaction

There are two ways you should be interacting with your clients or customers. Firstly, you have to listen when they provide feedback, and you should be asking them whether they have any opinions to share. Then use this information to better your company.

9. Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Something as simple as a thank you can be very powerful, but adding a card to the thought is even more powerful. Don’t be scared to show a little appreciation for your customers after doing business.